About Us

Actually it's about me : Ralph Kudlinski™

I've started to develop this website in the summer of 1998 . Since then I'm trying to support Scott Bakula and his work. I like to watch Sci-Fi movies and tv series, read Sci-Fi books. My dream is to co-star in a movie with Scott Bakula. Yo! Scott are you reading this :) Anyway ... I've finished University of Technology in Wroclaw with Bachelor of Science - B.Sc degree in Computer Physics in Science and Technology in 2003. Right now I'm studying on Post Graduate studies at Academy of Economics . My hobbies are acting, swimming, dancing and of course creating websites . Anyway ... If anybody wishes to contact me please write me at this address. Thank You for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy your stay here at Scott Bakula Entertainment

All the best !!! Ralph


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