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Live chat with Scott Bakula !!! will host a special live online chat session with Scott
Bakula on Wed., May 26, 6:00-7:00 pm PDT.
25 May 2004 by Ralph

'Enterprise' renewed for fourth season (it's official)
UPN confirmed yesterday that Star Trek: Enterprise will air for a fourth season.The series will be moving away from Wednesday nights. In the fall, new episodes will begin airing at 9pm on Friday nights.
21 May 2004 by Ralph

Kiss Scott - new photos added
As requested by Scott Fan - Bobbi .. I've added new photos to Kiss Scott section of my site. So ladies go ahead and kiss Scott today wink
18 May 2004 by Ralph

Win Walk-on role on Star Trek Enterprise in season 4th
As for now the bid is at ~$7500. Visit ebay auction if you're interested [ebay site]. What's interesting episode with the winner of this auction will be filmed between July 15th and December 15th 2004. So what does it mean? Star Trek Enterprise will be renewed for the 4th SEASON !!!!
18 May 2004 by Ralph

Wallpaper of the week 9th May - 15th May 2004
New wallpaper of the week is now online. This one comes from the movie Necessary Roughness. Created by Pat (tm)
15 May 2004 by Ralph

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