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Crew Bios



  Captain Jonathon Archer [ Scott Bakula ]

Early 40s. Physical. Bold personality. Intensely curious. Han Solo-type. Charming and very down to earth. A Starfleet officer for about 15 years, he hasn't had much space experience prior to the invention of warp 5. Unlike the Starfleet captains in centuries to come, he exhibits a sense of wonder and excitement, as well as a little trepidation about the strange things he will encounter. He holds a grudge against the Vulcans, who he blames for impeding humanity's progress. But his science officer is Vulcan, and he's struggling to reconsider those preconceptions. Although he has a strong sense of duty, he's a bit of a renegade - he's not afraid to question orders or even disobey them if he feels in his gut that he's right...

  Sub-Commander T'Pol [ Jolene Blalock ]

67 year-old Vulcan female. Austere yet sensual. She's the Science Officer assigned to oversee humanity's progress on board Enterprise. Although she's cautious and guarded around humans, whom she considers primitive and irrational, she's developed a grudging respect for Captain Archer. She'll become one of his most loyal and trusted crew members.

  Commander Charles Tucker [ Connor Trinneer ]

Chief Engineer. Early 30s. A Southerner who enjoys using his "country" persona to disarm people. He has an offbeat, often sarcastic sense of humor. Charlie was hand-picked by Captain Archer, who is something of a mentor to him. Although Charlie is a brilliant Engineer and an outstanding officer, he has very little first-hand experience with alien cultures, and he's often a "fish out of water" when dealing with new civilizations.

  Lt. Commander Malcolm Reed [ Dominic Keating ]

Tactical Security Munitions Officer. British. Late 20s - early 30s. In the new age of humanity's enlightenment, Reed is a bit of a throwback. He's a 22nd Century "soldier", all spit and polish and by-the-book. Reed is filled with contradictions. Despite his near-obsession with munitions, he's soft-spoken, quite proper, shy and awkward around women. When testing a new weapon, he's liable to put on a pair of space-age earplugs because he doesn't like loud noises

  Ensign Travis Mayweather [ Anthony Montgomery ]

Helmsman. African American. Mid to late 20s. Youngest member of the crew. A unique product of 22nd Century life, Mayweather was born and raised on cargo ships to parents who worked about freighters. As a result Travis is more "interstellar" than even the Captain. He's traveled to dozens of planets and met many different alien species. Mayweather has an 'instinct' for space-travel that few humans possess. Travis' closest friend is Charles Tucker. Similar in age and spirit these two will spend their off-duty hours finding new ways to enjoy life in space.

  Ensign Hoshi Sato [ Linda Park ]

Japanese. Mid to late 20s. Striking and intelligent, Hoshi has a feisty spirit that often tests the patience of the crew. She's in charge of communications on Enterprise, but she also serves as ship's Translator. An expert in exo-linguistics, she learned to manipulate her vocal chords to emit a range of alien sounds no human has ever produced. She has a natural affinity for picking up languages. Hoshi doesn't like the idea of being trapped in a "tin can" hurtling at impossible speeds. Every time the ship jumps to warp she grips her console and closes her eyes. She's a "white knuckle" space farer.

  Dr. Phlox [ John Billingsley ]

Exotic alien. Medical officer. Appears to be in his 40s, but we're not certain of his real age. Phlox speaks with a slight alien accent and has an eccentric sense of humor that no one quite understands. He thinks that humanity is fascinating. The Doctor has filled Sickbay with all sorts of bizarre medical instruments, alien plants and spores, and stasis chambers with small, living creatures. He practices a brand of "Intergalactic medicine" the likes of which we've never seen. This makes the most routine visit to Sickbay an unexpected adventure.


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