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Brought to life from the imagination of Earth and made possible by the technology shared by Vulcan, the starship Enterprise NX-01 is set to propel humankind into a new era of space exploration. Finally, the dream of discovering new life and new civilizations is within reach for those who would boldly go. The leader of this first "trek" into the stars is Captain Jonathan Archer, guiding the 85 hand picked best and brightest men and women from Starfleet into history adding Earth to the list of home worlds whose inhabitants have explored the far reaches of the universe. The 190-meter and 80,000 metric ton vessel certainly redefines the term "space age," carrying it's fledgling, yet brave crew through countless galaxies at a pace of Warp 4.5.

To assure safe passage for the new generation of human space-farers, the Enterprise is equipped with Plasma Cannons,
hull-retracting plasma-charged artillery turrets , and Phase Cannons and fitted with polarized hull plating to shield it from enemy fire. Phase pistols, which can be set at "stun" or "kill," are provided to ensure individual safety as well.

Getting crew and equipment from here to there is a function of the 2 shuttlepods and the transporter, respectively. The shuttlepods can each carry a pilot and 6 passengers, at only sub-warp speed, down to sites they wish to explore more closely. The transporters are still new and not yet equipped with bio-filters. This technology is mainly left for moving cargo, rather than people. Besides, most of the crew, including Capt. Archer, is not quite ready to hop up on the transporter pad and say "Beam me up, Scottie, (or whoever)"

Due to the lack of bio-filters, away team members, upon returning from missions on those strange new worlds must retire to the decon chamber for a quick rubdown with phosphorescent gel if their bio-scans detect anything unusual. Under the ultraviolet light in this small space, two crewmembers can spend some quality time together-and that's all I'll say about that.
Just about the only thing left is the bridge of the Enterprise NX-01-the lifeblood of the first deep space mission for Earth. Capt. Archer and crew have at their disposal all of the latest space travel technology. The bridge is designed for optimum support of the Captain. Archer commands from his chair in the center, surrounded by the most important of his crew. The "situation room" also is nearby for "shop talk" about the various missions the crew of the Enterprise will embark upon. I know that I am certainly not alone in the pride I feel on this momentous occasion, Earth is breaking into literally new territory. It is because ships like Enterprise and because of her brave and capable crew that mankind will have the chance to learn about the universe and what really IS "out there," and not only be propelled into space, but history as well.


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