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Akaali [ Civilization ]

First encountered by the crew in July of 2151, this pre-industrial race of humanoids was almost destroyed by a non-indigenous people known as the Malurians.  The Akaali inhabit a Minshara (or M-class) planet approximately 78 light years from Earth.  In their beliefs, a figure known as Draelen is the mythical ruler of the underworld.

Andorians [ The Andorian Incident / Shadows Of P'Jem ]

A militant alien race quickly identified by their blue skin, white hair and paranoid tendencies.   It was discovered, with the help of Captain Jonathan Archer, that the Andorians were kept under high tech surveillance by the Vulcans, in the mid-twenty-second century.  A pair of bilateral antennae protruding from their head enable them to detect slight variances in temperature and/or pressure.  It has been proven that this race lives by conscious based moral code, but only in situations resulting in extreme insomnia.

  Axnar [ Fight Or Flight ]

An androgynous race living an average of 400 years, Enterprise first encountered this race of people under unfortunate circumstances.  Several Axanar were discovered on a unknown alien vessel dead, having been “drained” of a substance released by their zymoth gland known as triglobulae.  It was believed by the crew that the substance was being harvested for use in products such as medicines and aphrodisiacs.

Klingons [ Broken Bow / Unexpected / Sleeping Dogs ]

A extremely aggressive warrior race with distinctive forehead ridges and a tendency for crankiness, Klingons live for the fight and dream of battlefield glory as victorious conquerors or among the honored casualties of war.

Malurians [ Civilization ]

The non-indigenous race who had covertly planted themselves into the Akaali culture in order to mine for viridium.  A very toxic substance known as Tetrasianite 622, which was used on their drilling equipment, had contaminated the groundwater, causing sickness and death among the Akaali.

  Menk [ Dear Doctor ]

An “evolving” race of people, the Menk inhabit a planet with another, more sophisticated, but dying race of people, the Valakians.  The two races are physically different in appearance, but share the same genetic structure.  The simplest explanation is that the Menk are a “sub-species” of the Valakians, live peacefully among their co-habitants and will eventually grow to become the dominant species of their planet.

Nausicaans [ Fortunate Son ]

A race exhibiting most of their hostility towards humans, they fuel and fund their way across the universe through the piracy of supplies from cargo vessels.  These “space pirates” board freighters and attack the crews, then steal whatever they need or want.  The Nausicaans possess highly advanced “disrupter” type weapons, capable of inflicting neural damage.

Suliban [ Broken Bow / Cold Front ]

A genetically engineered nomadic species that are chameleon-like in appearance and possess the ability to shape shift around, under, over and between any structure.  The different factions of the race each have distinct “enhancements” to their genetic makeup.  Although Enterprise has encountered the Suliban several times, their intentions are still as enigmatic and elusive as their shadowed leader commanding them from the future.


A highly logical humanoid race who abandoned their once violent past through the mastery and suppression of all emotion. Their defining physical traits include pointed ears and greenish complexion.  The first alien species introduced to humans, they aided (and hindered) human progress into deep space.  They remain on Earth as teachers and observers, who seem to serve in a “big brother” role over humans who still hold resentment toward them for barring their progress with space travel technology.  They see humans as overly emotional and impulsive.  Despite their differences and opinions about each other, the two races form a peaceful alliance.

Xyrillians [ Unexpected ]

Inahbitants of the planet Thera, they have the empathic ability to sense the moods of others with their bodys dermal plating. A harmless bioelectric charge is emitted upon physical contact with other objects or people.  The males in this culture carry the fertilized embryo to maturity, as Commander Tucker unwittingly discovered.


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